Nonimmigrant Visas

B - Temporary Visitor for Business/Pleasure
E - Treaty Trader Investor
H-1B - Specialty Occupation
J - Exchange Visitor
K - Fiance
L - Intracompany Transferee
O - Extraordinary Ability
P - Artists and Entertainers
Q - International Cultural Exchange Visitors
R - Religious Workers
T - Trafficking Victim
TN - Trade NAFTA Professionals
TPS - Temporary Protected Status
U - Victims of Criminal ActivityImmigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas

I. Family-Based
    1. Immediate Relatives
        a. Spouses
        b. Unmarried children under age 21
        c. Parents
    2. Preference Categories
        a. First - Unmarried sons/daughters over age 21 of USC
        b. Second - Relatives of LPR
            i. 2A - Spouses and unmarried children under age 21
            ii. 2B - Unmarried sons/daughters over age 21
        c. Third - Married sons/daughters of USC
        d. Fourth - Siblings of USC
II. Employment-Based
    1. Priority Workers/Extraordinary Ability
    2. Advanced Degrees/Exceptional Ability
    3. Skilled, Professional and Other Workers
    4. Special Immigrant Categories
    5. Employment Creation Investors